The Chase fans flabbergasted as EastEnders star’s doppelganger appears on show

The Chase viewers were speechless as contestant Adrian bore a striking resemblance to EastEnders actor and comedian Ade Edmonson

The Chase viewers couldn’t believe their eyes tonight as a contestant bore a striking resemblance to an EastEnders actor and comedian.Sign language interpreter Adrian, 39, appeared on the show in a bid to win some money.

The team had been up against Darragh Ennis ‘The Menace’, who was straight on form from the start as he managed to beat first player Jenny.

But Adrian managed to impress as he won £7,000 in the Cashbuilder, which he managed to win to the final round after getting nearly all of his questions correct.

Yet viewers were distracted by Adrian’s likeness to his namesake Ade Edmonson and flocked to Twitter to comment.

One wrote: “#TheChase Blimey, Adrian has aged well.”

While another commented: “Adrian looks a bit like another Adrian I know of. #TheChase.”

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A third joked: “Cor, Ade Edmondson’s doing well, isn’t he? #TheChase.”

“We’ll done Ade,” another quipped.

It comes after viewers were left outraged yesterday after a contestant took a minus £11,000 offer on the show.

Jo from Ripon was the fourth contestant to take part on the ITV show, with Adam and Hassan already securing their place in the final Chase and contributing £29,000 between them to the final pot.

Fans were convinced Adrian looked like Ade Edmonson

So when it was Jo’s go to take on quizzer Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan, viewers were convinced the team stood a great chance of making it all the way to the final with lots of money to play for.

However, Jo struggled in her quickfire cash builder round and only managed to secure £2,000 to add to the pot.

As part of the game, she was then asked if she’d like a chance to move one step closer to The Chaser for a chance to win £46,000 or if she’d prefer to move closer to home – but she would have to forfeit £11,000 of the prize money.

Fans fumed yesterday after a contestant took a minus £11,000 offer

Host Bradley couldn’t believe it when Jo decided to move a step closer to home and take the huge minus £11,000 cash offer, and he was left even more speechless as she managed to make it back to safety by answering just three questions.

Fans of the ITV show took to Twitter to fume over what happened.

“I am f***ing rattled after that episode. Will take the -£11k to get back then contribute one answer in the final which my dog could’ve got right. These people live amongst us. #TheChase,” one wrote.

A second added: “Minus £11,000. Didn’t answer a single question. Yeah, it’s an extra question for The Chaser in the final but..NO!!