Riverdale season 6 spoilers: Marisol Nichols returns as Hermione Lodge

Riverdale season 6 took fans on a wild ride with its “Rivervale” miniseries. The events of that particular story arc wrapped in a way that could result in some explosive storylines. We, however, are still in for a wait when it comes to seeing them unfold on screen.

The midseason premiere for the series was pushed from Sunday, March 6 to Sunday, March 20 adding two weeks to an already long hiatus. But, thankfully, a new trailer was recently released which hinted some more at what to expect in the rest of season 6.

One surprising inclusion was that of Hermione Lodge. We last saw Marisol Nichols step into the character’s Monolos in season 5 when we were updated on her life. Now a reality TV star, Hermione spends her days creating manufactured drama for public consumption. She’s also divorced from Hiram and living life how she sees fits.

Our visit with her in the fifth season, after the time jump, put a nice period on the end of her story in Riverdale. It, however, didn’t seem like we’d be seeing her again as Veronica has no interest in being a part of her reality series and she’s not in contact with any other characters on the show.

However, it looks like she’s coming to town anyway and bringing her cameras with her. Here’s what we know!

When does Hermione Lodge return in Riverdale season 6?

Back in November 2021, Nichols posted to her Instagram the script for “Chapter One Hundred and Two: Death at a Funeral” which is the seventh episode of season 6. She captioned the post with “Thought you guys might like to know what I’m up to this week…”

As Hermione wasn’t featured in the first trailer released for Riverdale‘s return which focused on the events immediately after “Rivervale,” episode 7 is likely when she’ll be making her return based on Nichols’ post. That means we could see Hermione come Sunday, March 27.

Watch the midseason trailer for Riverdale season 6 below:

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