Neighbours’ Paul Robinson issues Glen with a big new ultimatum

Can he stop Glen and Terese from becoming a couple?

Neighbours schemer Paul Robinson has given his half-brother Glen Donnelly a major ultimatum over Terese Willis.

Paul (Stefan Dennis) is struggling to cope after his wife Terese ended their relationship and asked for a divorce following his latest manipulation.

In Thursday’s episode on Channel 5, Paul started to worry that Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) could be growing close to Glen again.

Paul feared the worst when he discovered that Terese and Glen (Richard Huggett) had both taken leave from work at the same time, keeping themselves in close proximity at Number 22.

Ned Willis (Ben Hall) also thought he could spot tell-tale signs of chemistry between Terese and Glen as they spent time together around the house.

Later, when Glen visited the penthouse, Paul took steps to control the situation by warning him of the consequences if he pursues things with Terese.

Paul explained: “We both know that if you had the opportunity, you would take it. And if that happens, there’s no hope for you and me. I want you to know that.

“See, I lost my marriage, but I don’t want to lose my brother too.”

Glen replied: “I don’t want that either. Okay, nothing will ever happen between me and Terese. You have my word.”

Paul’s tense exchange with Glen came as he started to experience some worrying symptoms throughout the episode.

After struggling to get his son David (Takaya Honda) or granddaughter Harlow (Jemma Donovan) to answer their phones, Paul phoned Glen back for help.

Glen agreed to go back to the penthouse to check on Paul, but changed his mind when Terese warned that Paul was probably lying about his health to win sympathy again.

This proved not to be the case when Paul collapsed to the ground, leaving his fate uncertain. Can he be found in time?