Neighbours lines up shock alliance for Paul and Nicolette in Glen storyline

Neighbours has revealed that Paul Robinson and Nicolette Stone will become unlikely allies in a new storyline.

The former enemies decide to team up next week as they realise that Glen Donnelly is hiding a major secret.

Viewers know that Glen is currently keeping quiet about how newcomer Kiri Durant is his long-lost daughter.

While Glen has managed to keep the truth under wraps for now, upcoming episodes see his strange behaviour finally start to arouse suspicion.

Next week, Glen scrambles for an explanation when confronted by Chloe Brennan over his odd antics.

Glen declares that he’s in love with Terese Willis and this is why he has seemed on edge recently.

Chloe then shares this information with Terese, who decides to let Glen down gently.

Glen assures Terese that his announcement was just a cover to protect the Kiri secret. Glen and Terese both feign relief, but there’s a sense that they’re kidding themselves over their unresolved feelings for each other.

The pressure later increases on Glen when Kiri’s mum Barbara, played by Wendy Mocke, pays a surprise visit to the vineyard.

Kiri is keen to introduce Barbara to all of her co-workers, but Glen keeps avoiding seeing her as he doesn’t want the truth to be exposed.

As Kiri arranges a dinner to introduce Barbara to her friends, Glen lies his way out of attending.

Nicolette then catches out Glen in the lie and she decides to pursue this further to find out what he’s really up to.

Meanwhile, Paul is concerned when he spots Terese and Glen looking more than friendly together.

Paul confronts his brother, who had previously promised not to pursue a relationship with Terese. Glen continues to make excuses, but fails to set Paul’s mind at rest.

Putting their own previous hostilities to one side, Paul decides to join forces with Nicolette. They agree that, whatever Glen is hiding, they’ll get to the bottom of it.