Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak held hostage as Gareth is finally found

Neighbours’ Freya Wozniak is taken hostage by her missing boyfriend Gareth Bateman as he resurfaces in dramatic scenes.

Since her arrival in Erinsborough, Freya (Phoebe Roberts) has been desperately trying to track down Gareth (Jack Pearson) – who supposedly went into hiding so he wouldn’t be found by corrupt cops.

In upcoming scenes, Levi Canning (Richie Morris) has a lead on Gareth’s whereabouts and Ned Willis (Ben Hall) offers to look into it.

Ned takes Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) with him, and the pair stake out the location.

They eventually spot Gareth, leading to a tense confrontation before Gareth insists on telling his side of the story.

Ned and Harlow return to Erinsborough just before several Ramsay Street residents (including Levi, Freya, Glen Donnelly, Nicolette Stone, and Aaron Brennan) embark on a getaway at River Bend. They tell Levi that Gareth told them he’s actually on the run from Freya, not corrupt cops. According to him, Freya is a stalker.

Levi is left rattled and with a lot to think about, as everyone sets off for River Bend.

During the getaway, Ned and Harlow keep an eye on Freya which raises her suspicions.

Levi and Freya eventually have a tense confrontation where Levi tells her about what he learned about Gareth. Freya reacts furiously and denies being a stalker, claiming she has no idea why Gareth would make these accusations. She then storms off.

Levi is left alone in the aftermath of their argument when he is confronted by Gareth, who has a gun…

Gunshots are heard, causing confusion among the rest of the group. When Freya frantically tries to find Levi, she is stunned to see Gareth again. She stumbles across Levi’s body, and is then taken hostage by Gareth.

Lives are in danger as Gareth makes his next move. What’s the real story behind Gareth’s disappearance, and will everyone survive?

Pictures offer a glimpse of what happens next. Levi appears to have survived being shot, after he was hit in the arm, and Gareth attempts to make an escape by forcing Freya to drive a van.

Aaron is also seen in the van, trying to free Freya. Can they both get away from Gareth?