Neighbours confirms huge fan theory over Harlow’s new love interest Corey

What is he up to?

Neighbours has confirmed that newcomer Corey Smythe-Jones is a secret villain.

Corey made his first appearance in the show’s London-based episodes last month, which saw him introduced as a new love interest for Harlow Robinson.

During their brief time together, Corey offered support to Harlow as she wrestled with some big decisions over her late mum’s diary and the mysterious Restoration Order cult that Prue was once part of.

Viewers quickly became suspicious that Corey wasn’t all he seemed, especially when he encouraged Harlow to burn the diary.

Since then, Corey has popped up in Erinsborough and has taken steps to reconnect with Harlow.

In next week’s episodes on Channel 5, Harlow tries to make things work with Corey after recent tensions with Ned Willis, her other love interest.

Harlow later admits defeat, accepting that she doesn’t share any romantic chemistry with Corey.

When Harlow breaks up with Corey, he takes the news well. However, although Harlow expects Corey to leave town, he seems to have other ideas.

Following the split, Harlow is confused to find Corey still in Erinsborough.

Harlow doesn’t realise that Corey is a secret member of the Order, who has been recruited to bring her into the cult.

Corey gives a secretive USB to his contact at the Order, but makes his own private copy first.

Neighbours fans will be left to wonder exactly what Corey is up to and whether Harlow is now in serious danger.

Later in the week, Ned’s stress levels rise as he prepares for Fashion Week at Lassiters.

Harlow tries her best to lift Ned’s spirits, assuring him that everything will be fine.

Meddling Corey cunningly pushes Harlow to confess her feelings to Ned, but she’s reluctant due to his relationship with Amy Greenwood and everything they’ve already been through.

As Fashion Week gets closer, though, will Harlow and Ned be able to resist their attraction?