Neighbours’ Amy Greenwood left devastated by Ned and Harlow revelation

The truth is out.

Neighbours fans will see a happy moment for Amy Greenwood turn sour on UK screens next week.

Amy is currently going full-steam ahead with plans to showcase some of her designs at Montana Marcel’s upcoming fashion show, but the event looks set to be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

In next week’s scenes, Ned Willis realises that he’s kidding himself by continuing to pursue a relationship with Amy.

Ned feels that his heart truly belongs with Harlow Robinson after their secret passion when they were lost on the River Bend trip together.

Deciding that it’s time to take the honest approach, Ned vows to break up with Amy once her fashion show is out of the way.

Later, Harlow happily takes to the stage as a model at Amy’s big event.

Things start off well, but Harlow is horrified when damning pictures are exposed showing her and Ned giving into temptation again.

The passionate shots are beamed onto Harlow’s white dress for all to see in the middle of the fashion show.

Ned watches on in horror as his guilty secret is revealed, while Amy is upset to realise that she has been badly betrayed.

Shocked by Ned’s infidelity, Amy angrily demands an explanation from him.

Ned tries his best to apologise, but they both realise that there’s no coming back from this.

Despite Amy’s heartbreak, Harlow is glad that the path now seems clear for her to be with Ned properly.

However, with the truth out and so many people unhappy, could Ned and Harlow’s relationship actually be over before it’s properly begun?