Michelle Collins says she regrets doing MasterChef when she ‘wasn’t right’ mentally

Michelle Collins was struggling with her mental health when she appeared on MasterChef

The EastEnders star appeared on MasterChef just months before her mum’s death

EastEnders legend Michelle Collins has admitted she regrets doing MasterChef during her mental health battle.

The 59-year-old actress played Cindy Beale in the BBC soap for almost 10 years.

She’s been very open about battling depression and an eating disorder in the past but says she’s in a happier place now.

“We all go through times in our life when we suffer from mental health issues, and we should talk about it,” she tells Notebook magazine.

“I did write about it in my book, including the time when I attempted suicide.

“I’ve become much stronger as I’ve gotten older, but I still want to help other people as much as I can.”

Michelle Collins says she shouldn’t have appeared on MasterChef when she was struggling with her mental health

Michelle has had a difficult few years as she lost her beloved mum to cancer in April 2021 after a two year battle.

“My mum was still suffering from cancer so she couldn’t go out,” she said as she describes how difficult lockdown was for her family.

“I was shopping for her and also helping out at a friend’s food bank,” she said.

“So, I just kept myself busy.”

Michelle lost her beloved mum to cancer in April 2021

But Michelle says she did “suffer” during the first Christmas lockdown.

“During that Christmas lockdown I did suffer – my mum was going downhill,” she aid.

“I did Celebrity MasterChef, and I was really in a bad way.

“Mentally I wasn’t right and I shouldn’t have done it. Then in April mum died, so last year wasn’t a happy time for me.”

Michelle is now playing Miss Scarlett in the theatre production of Cluedo.

Michelle is now appearing in the theatre

“It’s a very quirky and elaborate set,” she said.

“It’s quite a new experience for me because it’s also a tough, physical role and you have to be very alert the whole time.

“The last two years have been tough but it’s made me want to get out there, try new things and jump out of my comfort zone.”