Isla Fisher has hardly aged since finding fame on Home and Away 28 years ago

Isla Fisher starred in Australian soap Home and Away between 1994 and 1997 and her appearance has hardly changed since

Isla Fisher has hardly ages since she first found fame on Home and Away in 1994.

Proving that the Australian star – who is married to Borat’s Sacha Baron Cohen – has lucked out in the DNA lottery, the red-headed beauty has hardly aged since she joined the cast of Home and Away at the age of 18.

Despite her celebrating her 46th birthday this week she still has a youthful glow, radiant complexion and doe-eyed look identical to her soap days.

Isla’s age-defying looks were clear as she took to social media to share snaps to mark another trip around the sun.

One of the throwback photos showed a teenage Isla sitting alongside her mum.

Isla penned atop of the post: “Thanks to my mum for birthing me.”

Another was a repost from a tribute by Bruna Papandrea.

The TV producer shared an old photo of herself and Isla and penned: “Happy birthday to my brilliant friend Isla Fisher. We haven’t changed a bit.”

Isla’s husband Sacha took to social media to mark his wife’s day.

He shared a snap of her sitting on his shoulders and wrote: “Wanting to celebrate a red-haired, Scottish, Arabic, Aussie, Jewish brilliant woman who is, it appears, my wife. Or as Borat would say – ‘Jageshemash’. Happy Birthday to you Isla.”

Isla and fellow actor Sacha met in 2001 at a party in Australia. Sacha previously told theNew York Timesthat they had bonded over “taking the mick out of the other people in the party”.

The couple became engaged in 2004 and during their engagement, Isla converted to Judaism for Sacha.

After six years of being engaged, the couple got married in a very small and private ceremony in Paris.

Isla starred in Australian soap Home and Away between 1994 and 1997.

She played Shannon Reed, a young, unconfident bisexual woman who battled anorexia.

Isla is married to Sacha Baron Cohen

After her stint in soapland, she went to theatre school in Paris before heading to Hollywood.

Isla has appeared in several big films including the live-action film Scooby-Doo, Confessions of a Shopaholic and Wedding Crashers.