Home and Away’s Justin Morgan faces feud with Alf Stewart after burial drama

They clash over Theo and Ryder.

Home and Away’s Justin Morgan falls out with Alf Stewart on UK screens next week.

Justin (James Stewart) faces Alf’s fury after repeated attempts to defend Leah Patterson’s troublesome nephew Theo Poulos.

This week’s episodes on Channel 5 see Alf (Ray Meagher) become angry when he finds out that his grandson Ryder Jackson (Lukas Radovich) was buried alive by Theo (Matt Evans) as part of an online video challenge.

Although Ryder was willingly part of the stunt, Alf blames Theo’s bad influence for the incident, which nearly ended in disaster.

Next week, Justin tentatively approaches Alf’s daughter Roo (Georgie Parker) to see if they can mend the new rift between their families.

Roo insists that the recent anger at the hospital all came from Alf and she doesn’t feel the same way.

Unfortunately, there seems to be no reasoning with Alf and he explodes in anger towards Theo when they next cross paths.

Justin decides that it’s time to protect Theo and steps in to confront Alf, visiting him at home.

He insists that Alf should watch all of Ryder and Theo’s stunt videos, which prove they were both equally to blame for their reckless actions.

Alf is unimpressed by this suggestion and orders Justin to leave the Stewart family home.

As Justin reluctantly heads off, he fears that he has made everything worse.

Later, Justin fills in Theo on how Alf is like a father to Leah (Ada Nicodemou).

Justin admits that Leah, who’s currently on a trip to Cyprus, would be devastated if she lost Alf over this family feud.

Theo suggests that he should try to clear the air with Alf, but Justin advises that it’d be wise to wait until tensions have eased.

Alf clearly has other ideas when he storms into the garage to threaten Theo. Is this dispute only just getting started?