Home and Away to reveal Theo Poulos secret in new storyline

Home and Away has revealed plans to explore Theo Poulos’s past in an upcoming storyline.

Leah Patterson’s troublesome nephew has been a divisive figure since he joined Summer Bay last year, but the soap has recently started to explore a softer side to his character.

A new promo released in Australia has now teased an unexpected new storyline for Theo, as viewers discover that there’s more to his behaviour than meets the eye.

The sneak peek footage reveals that Theo will confide in John Palmer (Shane Withington) in next week’s Australian episodes.

When John sees that something isn’t quite right, he asks Theo who he’s afraid of.

After hearing the truth, John advises: “Theo, you have to go to the police.”

Theo replies: “You can’t tell anyone about this.”

In a later scene, Theo fears John’s next move and asks: “You’re going to tell Justin, aren’t you? I never would have said anything if I knew you were going to blab.”

Meanwhile, the trailer itself teases: “Do you know someone who’s too cocky? Confident? What if it’s all a cover?”

Matt Evans, who plays Theo, previously spoke about this storyline last year as he addressed the mixed reaction to his character.

He told New Zealand website Stuff in November: “There are still secrets to come out. There’s more to his relationship with his father and he’s trying to hide some things that have happened.”

Matt continued: “There’s something that he needs to sort out and, once he does, he will be a much different person.”