Home and Away star Sam Barrett responds to shock death storyline

Chloe is facing a new nightmare.

Home and Away star Sam Barrett has spoken to about the shock death storyline that aired on UK screens this week.

Channel 5 viewers have just seen Sam’s character Chloe Anderson accidentally kill her father Matthew Montgomery (James Sweeny) by attacking him with a brick.

Chloe was acting in defence of her mother Mia (Anna Samson), who appeared to be in danger in a terrifying showdown with Matthew.

Mia then took control of the situation by getting Matthew’s body into the boot of the family car and driving off with it, hoping to embark on a cover-up.

Asked whether she always knew this story was leading to Matthew’s death, Sam told “No, I didn’t actually. I was quite surprised when I first read the script. I found it quite shocking.

“The death scene was very dramatic, so I was excited to play with all of those layers. I was really interested to see how that scene would work out with stunts and all of that.

“In the aftermath, I think Chloe goes into a state of fight or flight. She’s just in survival mode after that and in a state of shock as well.

“Mia has taken control of the situation. I think because everything’s happening so quickly, they have that mother-daughter bond and are so interconnected with each other. They are probably instinctively doing things to help each other survive basically.”

In next week’s episodes on Channel 5, Mia’s partner Ari Parata (Rob Kipa-Williams) is horrified to find out what has happened.

Ari acts impulsively by deciding to take the blame for Matthew’s death, wanting to keep Chloe and Mia out of trouble.

Discussing Chloe’s reaction, Sam continued: “I think she’s processing everything, and it’s all happening very quickly. But I don’t think it’s something Chloe would have ever imagined would happen and would ever have wanted to happen. It’s just such unfortunate circumstances.

“Chloe is grappling with what she needs to do because it’s such a horrific situation. There’s no perfect way to handle a situation this messy.”