Home and Away reveals tragic news over regular character

A heartbreaking diagnosis is shared at the hospital.

Home and Away has confirmed that Ari Parata is terminally ill.

Ari, played by Rob Kipa-Williams, received a tragic diagnosis in Thursday night’s episodes in Australia.

The popular character has spent the past few weeks locked away on remand after making a false confession to the murder of Matthew Montgomery.

Ari took the blame in order to protect his partner Mia Anderson (Anna Samson) and her daughter Chloe (Sam Barrett), who were both involved in the terrifying showdown that led to Matthew’s death.

In Thursday night’s triple bill of episodes on Channel 7, Ari was rushed into hospital after suffering severe abdominal pain and nausea behind bars.

Doctor Logan Bennett (Harley Bonner) initially diagnosed Ari with appendicitis and promised that a small operation would fix the problem.

Unfortunately, when Ari went down to the operating theatre, the hospital team discovered that his health crisis was much bigger.

Logan had to break the news that Ari has cancer of the appendix, which has caused tumours to develop in the abdomen.

He added that there was very little the hospital could do to help Ari, as his illness is so severe.

Logan confirmed that one option for Ari was to undergo a major 16-hour operation to remove the tumours.

This would not be a cure for Ari, as the tumours would grow back and he’d need to undergo the operation every three months.

Ari left his family devastated by immediately deciding that he didn’t want to undergo the surgery.

As Ari is already facing a life sentence for Matthew’s murder, he insisted that it was better for him to pass away on his own terms.

Rumours have been circulating for months that Rob Kipa-Williams has left the cast of Home and Away, although the show has never officially confirmed his departure.

Next week’s episodes in Australia see Ari prepare to tie the knot with Mia at the hospital, in heartbreaking new scenes.

Home and Away fans in the UK will see these episodes in April.