Home and Away reveals Theo Poulos’s fate after jail fears Home and Away reveals Theo Poulos’s fate after jail fears

Home and Away’s Theo Poulos has been left with a criminal record after a bitter feud with Alf Stewart.

The troublemaker’s latest storyline has seen him forced to face the consequences of stealing the Polaris on the beach and taking it for a joyride.

In recent episodes on air in Australia, Alf (Ray Meagher) reported Theo to the police over the incident, despite weeks passing since it happened.

Alf did so out of spite, as he blamed Theo (Matt Evans) for the more recent problem where his grandson Ryder Jackson was buried alive and left trapped underground.

In Thursday’s episode on Channel 7 (February 24), Theo nervously headed to court to hear what his fate would be.

Theo later returned to the Diner and shared the news that he wouldn’t be going to jail, as he had been sentenced to community service.

Despite the lucky escape, Theo was still furious with Alf for reporting him in the first place and landing him with a criminal record. He accused Alf of acting out of guilt.

In a public showdown at the Diner, Theo ranted: “Everyone knows this isn’t about me or the Polaris. This is about you. You weren’t there for your grandson and you’re looking for someone else to blame, so you blamed me.

“No chance you’d ever admit that any of this was your fault, right?”

Surprisingly, the bust-up gave Alf food for thought as he reflected on the pressure Ryder (Lukas Radovich) was under to repay his debts, which drove him to take part in the risky video challenges in the first place.

Theo was stunned when Alf later paid him a visit at the Morgan house to apologise for treating him so harshly.

Offering to put the drama behind them, Alf conceded: “You were right. I let Ryder down and I blamed you for it. I doubt that you’re ready to forgive and forget, but I’m sorry for the way that I’ve treated you.”

With peace restored, can Theo finally settle into Summer Bay life without trouble?