Home and Away lines up violent scene for Dean and Logan

Home and Away is lining up a violent scene for Dean Thompson and Logan Bennett, as Logan breaks Dean’s sister Mackenzie Booth’s heart.

Logan (Harley Bonner) and Mac (Emily Weir)’s romance looked to have been going from strength to strength after they got together late last year, but their bond is being severely tested by the sudden arrival of Logan’s ex, Neve Spicer (Sophie Bloom).

Mac kindly agreed to let army medic Neve, who is experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder after her time in Afghanistan, stay with her and Logan, but after growing uncomfortable she asked Logan to tell Neve to go.

However, she was left heartbroken when Logan also packed his own bags and decided to stay at a nearby motel with Neve in order to keep an eye on her, explaining that he is worried about her PTSD.

Speaking to TV Week, Emily said: “Logan loves and cares for Neve. It was once romantic but as time has passed that love has transferred into a platonic love. However, he still feels responsible to help her.”

In upcoming scenes to air in Australia, Mac – who is heartbroken by Logan choosing Neve over her – runs into Logan at Salt. He admits that he misses her – however, he continues to assert that he can’t give up on Neve when she needs him.

Upset, Mac turns to her brother Dean (Patrick O’Connor) for advice. But Dean decides that he has a better idea.

Furious at how his sister has been treated, he storms off to the motel where Logan and Neve are staying together and, when Logan answers the door to him, Dean punches him in the face. Warning him not to mess Mac around anymore, Dean walks away.

Later on, Logan makes another attempt to explain himself to Mac at the surf club, but she’s having none of it. Feeling that things have gone too far, she reveals that she’s calling the army to tell them where Neve is and just how much of a fragile condition she’s in.

However, Neve is nearby and secretly listening in. When she hears what Mac has said, she decides to flee, but her panic leads her to experience a PTSD episode.

Trying to take control of herself and the situation, Neve turns back and ends up tackling Mac in the surf club. The attack is seen by Logan and police officer Cash Newman (Nicholas Cartwright), who is quick to step in to calm the situation.

Is there any way back from this for Logan and Mac, or will Neve’s presence spell the end of their relationship?