Home and Away death fears for Ryder Jackson in shock new storyline

Home and Away’s UK fans will see Ryder Jackson fear for his life next week as his latest internet video stunt goes horribly wrong.

Ryder (Lukas Radovich) has been trying to resolve his debt problems by teaming up with Theo Poulos for challenges and pranks, which they film and monetise online.

In next week’s episodes on Channel 5, the stakes get higher than ever as Ryder comes up with a dangerous idea.

Ryder tells Theo (Matt Evans) that he’s willing to be buried alive and livestream the whole experience.

Before long, the boys are heading out into the bush to put the plan into action, armed with shovels and a coffin.

Working out the finer details, the pair agree that Ryder must stay underground for five hours.

Theo agrees to stay nearby in case of an emergency. With everything settled, Ryder settles into the coffin and Theo begins filling the hole they’ve dug.

Unfortunately, unreliable Theo soon goes back on his word by ditching the gravesite to get himself some lunch.

While at the Diner, Theo runs into Chloe Anderson (Sam Barrett) and finds her in a bad way following the recent revelations over her father Matthew Montgomery.

Theo agrees to walk Chloe home and she’s grateful for his support as they bond over their experiences of bad fathers.

When Theo receives constant calls from a panicking Ryder, he cuts his time with Chloe short and reluctantly heads back to the grave.

Over the phone, Theo reassures a distressed Ryder that he’s almost there.

Mid-sentence, Theo suddenly trips, falls down a ravine and gets knocked unconscious.

Having heard the worrying accident, Ryder is sent into a panic as he wonders what has happened to Theo and whether he’ll now be trapped underground without anyone to help him.

Home and Away’s fans in Australia have already seen these tense scenes as part of their 2021 season finale in November last year.