Hollyoaks to introduce a new set as the McQueens receive a shock

Hollyoaks bosses have confirmed that a new set will be introduced to the show as the McQueen family stumble across a surprising secret.’s exclusive video clip, which can be watched at the top of the page, shows the chaotic clan discover that there’s more to their new home than meets the eye.

Since Christmas, the McQueens have been living in the old Hutch building, which has been transformed into a home after the restaurant shut down.

Next week, the family are stunned to find a secret door within the house that they hadn’t noticed before.

When Goldie (Chelsee Healey), Theresa (Jorgie Porter) and Olivia (Emily Burnett) head inside, they find their way into a secret cellar, which includes a bar.

An excited Theresa suggests: “We could use this as a hideout.”

Goldie then wonders whether Tony Hutchinson knew about the secret, prompting Theresa to reply: “Maybe he kept it private for him and his lady friends!”

Viewers will be seeing much more of the new set in the coming weeks, as it becomes another location for the McQueens to cause mischief.

Hollyoaks’ executive producer Lucy Allan previously spoke to about upcoming set changes, telling us: “We’ve had the new park and the McQueens’ new house. Keep looking at the McQueens as there’s more from them to come.

“In the aftermath of our stunt, there’s an opening for a new environment which we’ll be seeing at the back end of 2022.”

Asked what’s coming up for the McQueens, Lucy replied: “You can expect more McQueens mayhem and madness. There are challenges coming up in that family – some of them are more unexpected than others.

“Mercedes will be sitting in that matriarchal role, sometimes bringing them together and sometimes blowing them apart.”