Hollyoaks star Jorgie Porter reveals big new McQueen family tensions over Bobby

Will Mercedes see that something is wrong?

Hollyoaks’ McQueen family are going to come to blows next week, as Bobby Costello’s behaviour gets more out of control.

Viewers know that Bobby has been conversing online with a mysterious friend known only as ‘G’, and he’s been acting out recently, with him being responsible for Kathleen-Anne’s sprained arm.

Speaking about the confrontation(s) that take place next week after Theresa discovers the truth about the injury, Jorgie Porter told Inside Soap: “He’s a crazy, angry little man! Then he ends up turning on Theresa, and she sees it with her own eyes… He throws a chair across the room and she thinks, ‘Woah, if he can do that, then what else could he do when loses his temper?’

“That’s the point where she calls the family together and says, ‘Guys, we’ve got to do something about this.'”

But then there are further twists when Mercedes and Bobby go missing, and there’s a shocking discovery.

“Nobody knows where they are,” she explained. “There’s this big argument outside the village, they’re all looking for Mercedes – then all of a sudden, she just walks out of the house!

“They then find out there’s a secret door that leads to a cellar, and Bobby’s been doing some really creepy things down there.”

Jorgie also talked about how Theresa just wants to get Bobby the help he needs, but Mercedes is blinded by her love for her son. She describes their confrontation as “a screaming match” and is thankful that COVID distancing meant they couldn’t get too close, otherwise they’d be fighting on the floor pulling at each other’s hair.

What is it down in the cellar, and who is the online friend? All will be revealed…