Hollyoaks confirms who’s threatening John Paul over mini-bus crash

The note-sender is revealed.

Hollyoaks has confirmed the identity of John Paul McQueen’s mystery tormentor.

John Paul received a threatening note last week after crashing the mini-bus on a Hollyoaks High school trip.

Viewers know that the accident was caused by John Paul’s alcohol withdrawal symptoms following his recent drinking problem.

He has tried to cover this up by claiming that a bird flew towards the windscreen of the vehicle, distracting him and causing him to lose control.

Hollyoaks’ latest episode saw a guilty John Paul continue to confide in Prince, who found the worrying note at the McQueen house.

It was clear that John Paul had no idea who the sender was, as he spent the day erratically accusing various villagers – including Mason, Lexi and even Prince himself.

Things got worse for John Paul when he found another message, this time written on the board at school: “Quit your job, Mr McQueen”.

Later at The Dog, John Paul cryptically confided in Olivia about feeling like he’s letting down the kids.

Olivia seemed sympathetic, but a cut to her handwriting revealed that she’s the one targeting John Paul.

As seen in a flashback scene, Olivia discovered John Paul’s secret last week when she overheard him talking to Prince at the hospital.

At the time, John Paul was full of guilt for injuring Olivia and school student Freya in the crash.

John Paul, who’s still oblivious to Olivia’s desire for revenge, ended the episode by signing a resignation letter addressed to Sally St Claire.

Is Olivia about to get her wish?