Hollyoaks airs shock Bobby incident in All 4 episode

His troubling behaviour continues.

Hollyoaks schoolboy Bobby Costello has been knocked unconscious in a furious row with his mum Mercedes McQueen.

Bobby (Jayden Fox) has turned to the dark side in recent weeks as he’s being secretly influenced by his evil great-grandfather Silas Blissett, who’s sending him messages via a chess app.

In Monday’s episode, Bobby’s latest misdeed was exposed thanks to some incriminating video footage.

Trainee policeman Sam Chen-Williams (Matthew McGivern) checked the footage from his recent boot camp and spotted that Bobby had been meddling with the equipment.

Viewers know that Bobby was to blame for Zoe Anderson (Garcia Brown) injuring herself with a heavy weight last week. However, due to the angle of the camera, the clip wasn’t solid proof of Bobby’s guilt.

When Sam confronted Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe) with the suspicious video, she loyally defended her son and insisted that it wasn’t proof of anything.

Back home, though, Mercedes was concerned to find the missing stopper from the weights hidden away in Bobby’s clothes.

Once confronted, Bobby coldly admitted that he wanted to get back at Sam following his recent flirting with Mercedes.

Using a chess analogy to dismiss Zoe’s injury, Bobby pointed out: “Sometimes to get to the king, you have to sacrifice a pawn.”

Although disturbed by Bobby’s antics, Mercedes decided that it was best to keep protecting him.

Mercedes headed back to see Sam and came up with a cover story, claiming that she took the stopper herself because she was jealous of Sam and Zoe getting closer.

Later, tensions at the McQueen house reached boiling point as Bobby found a leaflet for a specialised school.

Bobby angrily accused Mercedes of wanting to get rid of him and he started to lash out at his mum, declaring that he wishes she was dead.

Mercedes was forced to grab Bobby’s arms before he could hurt her, but as houseguest Wendy Blissett (Jennifer Armour) walked in, Mercedes was startled and suddenly let go.

Bobby fell and was knocked unconscious, while Wendy got the wrong idea and blamed Mercedes.

How will Mercedes explain what happened?