Former Emmerdale star Natalie Anderson reveals bigger role ahead for Hollyoaks character

“I’m having so much fun.”

Hollyoaks star Natalie Anderson joined the soap as Lexi, a character involved in the Saul/Nate undercover cop storyline. But now we’re going to see that she’s got an even greater connection to the village.

This week, we’ll meet new student Freya, who catches the eye of Mason. As it turns out, Freya’s mum is none other than Lexi, who is going to be making her return in the coming weeks.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Natalie said: “I’m so thrilled to be back playing Lexi, she’s such a strong and intriguing character with lots of layers, that I’m thoroughly enjoying playing with.

“I’m having so much fun, and everyone at Hollyoaks has been really lovely and welcoming.”

Lexi is expected to be a major part of the soap over the next few months. Beyond just the undercover cop storyline, Lexi is also involved in the aftermath of the upcoming bus crash caused by John Paul McQueen.

John Paul has been struggling with alcoholism for a while now, and he’s not fit to drive — unfortunately he will get put in charge of driving the minibus full of school students, and disaster will strike. Will everyone make it out alive?