Five massive Emmerdale spoilers as Rhona Goskirk struggles in the aftermath of Marlon’s stroke

Marlon is still in hospital

MARLON Dingle’s stroke has shaken the village and, more particularly, his fiancée Rhona Goskirk.

Coming up in Emmerdale, however, it becomes quickly apparent that she’s not alone. Get the lowdown on all of this week’s drama.

Rhona does all she can to cope

1. Rhona is overwhelmed

Marlon Dingle (played by actor Mark Charnock) was taken from Smithy Cottage and put into an ambulance after suffering from a shocking stroke.

Rhona (Zoe Henry) has since not left his bedside but finds it hard to be as supportive as she may wish to be.

When Marlon meets with his speech therapist, agonisingly struggling to form easy words, Rhona is first gutted to see how upset Marlon is at his slow progress.

But she soon pushes a stubborn Marlon a little too hard, prompting a nurse to tell her to cut Marlon some slack.

Marlon accepts her apology when Rhona returns to the hospital.

Meanwhile, her mother Mary (Louise Jameson) worries she may be putting too much pressure on herself.

And she’s not the only one.

Paddy buckles as he tries to support Marlon

2. Paddy feels the pressure

Paddy Dingle (Dominic Brunt) is also finding it hard to stay level-headed during Marlon’s recovery.

The Dingles are firm when it comes to family being at the top of their priority list and decide to prepare a video for Marlon.

But worried he’s being fake, Paddy buckles under the pressure and records an inadequate message.

When he spots Rhona is at a low ebb, he promises to do better but the village vet is not convinced.

Unfortunately for the Dingles, the video sent to Marlon has fails to cheer him up as the chef is reminded of everything he has lost.

Marlon decides to ban visitors but soon regrets his choice.

How can Rhona and the Dingles support him without losing themselves?

Can Laurel and Jai kiss and make up?

3. Laurel makes a move on Jai

Laurel Thomas (played by actress Charlotte Bellamy) is also in shock following her former husband’s stroke.

However, this week, she’s more set for some more breakup drama with Jai (Chris Bisson).

Laurel first fills Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) in on her situation with the businessman, which reminds him of when his own wife Brenda had forgiven him in a similar matter.

This gives Laurel some food for thought but she still decides to return Jai the rest of his things.

But an emotional and confused Laurel soon wonders whether she made a mistake in breaking up with him.

Her feelings get the best of her and the pair share a kiss.

But will the Hide café manager regret her actions?

Frankie Robinson was taken away from the Dales by her mother Tracy

4. Nate struggles without Frankie

Things could get out of hand for Nate (portrayed by Jurell Carter) as he struggles to accept Frankie and Tracy’s (Amy Walsh) absence.

Coming up, the Butlers’ Farm worker is gutted as he watches old videos of his daughter and is devastated to be missing out on time with Frankie.

Nate then tries to rope Ryan Stocks (James Moore) into a trip to the pub in a bid to distract himself from missing his daughter Frankie.

While Emmerdale fans could see him go for the same coping mechanism as his father Cain, things could also turn out of hand for Nate.

Will he hear from Tracy and Frankie soon?

Will Manpreet testify against Meena?

5. Manpreet changes her mind

Traumatised by her experience as Meena Jutla’s hostage, Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker) has previously refused to testify against the serial killer.

This was much to Liam Cavanagh’s dismay, as the fellow GP has tried to bring justice for his daughter Leanna, who was murdered by Meena.

However this week, Manpreet reconsiders her stance on testifying.

If Manpreet decides to take the witness stand, her testimony could shatter Meena’s defence.

But will she go through with it?