Ex-Hollyoaks star Sarah Jayne Dunn’s ‘proud’ husband takes sexy snaps for her OnlyFans

Actress Sarah Jayne Dunn says her husband Jonathan Smith has been incredibly supportive of her OnlyFans venture following her sudden axe from Hollyoaks after 25 years

Sarah Jayne Dunn has revealed that her Hollyoaks contract being terminated over her OnlyFans page was a blessing in disguise.

The 40-year-old actress appeared on the Channel 4 show for over two decades as she played the role of Mandy Richardson since 1996.

However, last year, her contract with Hollyoaks came to an abrupt end over her decision to keep her OnlyFans account.

Sarah was reportedly unable to ‘reach a solution’ with bosses over the content on her site, and was abruptly sacked from her role of almost 25 years ‘in the blink of an eye’.

During an appearance on Loose Women on Wednesday, alongside her husband Jonathan Smith, Sarah Jayne explained why she was drawn to creating an account on OnlyFans, and why her husband supports her ‘all the way’.

Jonathan Smith says that he backs his wife ‘all the way’ amid her OnlyFans venture

Sarah Jayne revealed that during the pandemic, she became concerned about her finances when she was out of work for months on end as the Hollyoaks set closed down.

“Looking back now, I feel it all happened for a reason,” the actress told.

As a result, she started looking down ‘other avenues’, and always found herself back at the idea of joining OnlyFans.

The soap star said that her entire life has changed in the space of three months since her Hollyoaks contract was axed – but she couldn’t be any more grateful for the series of events that led to her being forced to decided to continue on OnlyFans.

The actress feels empowered after joining the X-rated subscription site

She also said the account had been a huge success and she had been empowered to have control back in her life.

Meanwhile, her husband Jon insisted that he’s happy his wife has started an OnlyFans page because he feels content in the knowledge that her new career path is ‘safe’.

Jon even participates in Sarah Jayne’s content by taking saucy shots of the actress in barely-there lingerie.

During his appearance on Loose Women, Jon insisted that he was ‘proud’ of his wife for being brave enough to leave her acting career on Hollyoaks behind her as she took control of her life back.

Sarah explained why she joined the site

Earlier this month, the star lifted the lid on the ‘shocking’ ordea l and how Hollyoaks bosses handled the situation.

“It’s not something I did on a whim. It’s something that I’d been planning for months and I’d had discussions, and zoom calls, and emails, and I essentially had approval, so for them to then turn around and call me in for a meeting on the Friday, and then terminate my contract on the Wednesday with immediate effect was a huge shock,” the soap star told OK! Magazine.