Emmerdale’s Meena Jutla makes another confession in hour-long episode

How will Charles react?

Emmerdale airs an hour-long episode tonight (February 28) as Meena Jutla’s sinister storyline continues.

The show is facing schedule changes for most of this week as ITV is airing live FA Cup coverage.

No episode will screen on Tuesday evening (March 1) due to the football, so tonight’s episode has been extended to a one-hour slot to ensure that fans don’t miss out.

The latest visit to the Dales features more drama for Meena (Paige Sandhu) as vicar Charles Anderson pays another secret visit to her in prison.

Meena has been drip-feeding confessions to Charles in recent days, enjoying every second of the latest game that she’s playing.

The killer recently told Charles that she did kill Ben Tucker, but continued to maintain her lie that it was in self-defence.

In tonight’s scenes, Meena goes a step further by also telling Charles that she killed his girlfriend Andrea Tate.

Although this is no surprise to Charles, it’s devastating for him as Meena shares all the details of how much Andrea suffered in her final moments.

Kevin Mathurin, who plays Charles, recently explained: “Meena finally does confess, but she uses it as an opportunity to stick the knife in. There’s a test of wills and strength between her and Charles. It’s like a stand-off at that particular visit, so Meena breaks him by describing every detail of what happened to Andrea.

“Charles is broken by this. It’s painful because there’s a part of him that feels guilty for Andrea’s death, especially with being in love with Manpreet and moving on from Andrea so quickly.”