Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas to receive unexpected advice over Jai Sharma

Is there any hope for the future?

Emmerdale’s Laurel Thomas is given food for thought tonight (March 28) as she confides in her ex-partner Bob Hope about her split from Jai Sharma.

Laurel recently ended her relationship with Jai after discovering that he’d used her name to make a fraudulent loan application.

Although Laurel has since allowed Jai to spend time with her kids, she has also established some boundaries by making it clear that she has no intention of taking him back.

In Monday’s episode, Laurel speaks to Bob about the situation with Jai.

Although Bob can see the severity of Jai’s mistake, he admits that he once made a similar sneaky move himself.

Bob recalls how he took out a loan in Brenda’s name in 2015 and she eventually forgave him for betraying her.

The café owner reckons there’s a chance that Laurel and Jai could be happy again in the future, but does she feel the same way?

Charlotte Bellamy, who plays Laurel, recently cast doubt on whether Laurel and Jai’s relationship could ever be repaired.

Speaking last month, Charlotte explained: “I don’t really see how they can come back from this. I think when the trust is broken, she starts looking back at what she had before. She becomes very nostalgic.

“In scenes we’re doing now with Alfie [who plays Arthur] we talk about his dad and things like that. I think it’s rocked her, really – understandably.

“As far as whatever the future holds, who knows? It’s a soap, people split up and get back together all the time.”