Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter teases Chas and Charity’s big showdown

They have a huge food fight next week.

Emmerdale star Lucy Pargeter has revealed more about the big Dingle drama to come as Chas and Charity go head-to-head.

Show bosses have teased that a major showdown between Chas and Charity is one to watch out for in next week’s episodes, as the ITV soap moves into its new 7.30pm timeslot.

Tension mounts when Chas lands a new job at the B&B, just as the venue is planning an event.

This clashes with Charity’s grand reopening day for The Woolpack, putting the two Dingles at loggerheads.

Speaking about the fight, Lucy told and other media: “It’s rooted in sincerity, really. The two have hurt each other by being in this competition.

“Everything comes up from the past and their animosity towards each other. The past two years of them being at each other’s throats is revealed, and then the slyness of Charity buying The Woolpack.

“Chas thought that when she had to be interviewed for a job, it was a massive dig and Charity was just taking the piss, so all these things get brought out.

“It all gets blown up and it doesn’t put a plaster over it, but it’s been coming for a long time. Everything gets brought up from their past and how they’ve hated each other for certain things.”

The situation descends into a full-blown food fight between Chas and Charity (Emma Atkins) on the day of the competing events.

Speaking about filming the scene, Lucy quipped: “The thought of doing a food fight, external at the village, which is at least 20 degrees colder than anywhere else in the world, in January, involving wet food stuffs, wasn’t appealing at all!

“The fight includes melted chocolate and my kids thought I smelt amazing when I got home. I’d even had a shower, washed my hair, went home and the kids went ‘mummy, you smell really sweet’.

“I was like ‘Oh God, there’s still loads in my ears, in my earrings’. I put my earrings on and they were still caked in it!”

Asked whether she prefers Chas and Charity to be friends or enemies, Lucy replied: “I don’t want to blow our trumpets, but I love Emma so much as a human being that I don’t care what it is I am doing with her, I just want to be filming with her.

“I think we know each other so well that we can visualise how we are going to do scenes. I like their arguments and also when they are pissed and falling over! Their singing and dancing is just as enjoyable as when they are falling out.”