Emmerdale star Lisa Riley reveals Mandy’s devastation in Vinny and Liv story

There’s heartbreak in store next week.

Emmerdale star Lisa Riley has revealed Mandy Dingle’s reaction to Vinny and Liv’s big secret next week.

Vinny (Bradley Johnson) and Liv (Isobel Steele) recently tied the knot without anyone in their families knowing, wanting to escape everyone’s meddling and enjoy their big day in private.

In upcoming episodes, the truth is exposed when Vinny and Liv’s marriage certificate arrives in the post.

A mix-up leads to Noah Dingle (Jack Downham) getting his hands on the certificate and he plots trouble by letting Mandy know.

Speaking to and other media, Lisa explained: “Noah is a complete and utter sneaky rat! When Mandy sees Vinny and Liv’s wedding certificate, it just completely spirals. Mandy is broken to the core.

“After everything they’ve been through over the last year, this is deception from Vinny and Mandy can’t forgive him. We have these amazing scenes in the salon and it’s heartbreaking.

“Mandy feels she’s been lied to, she’s been cheated, she’s been a doormat to everyone, but the one person she never, ever for one second believed would deceive her would be Vinny and he’s done the worst. It’s truly, truly heartbreaking.”

She continued: “Bradley plays the scene beautifully. Vinny goes: ‘But Mum, I thought you’d want to organise your dress and your fascinator’. She snaps and says: ‘Is that all you see me as? Someone who’s worried about frocks and fascinators’?

“Then we play even more heartache because obviously Mandy is not blood. She feels the only reason why Vinny would be so deceiving and cause her so much heartache is because she’s not his blood mother.

“Of course, when Mandy’s in turmoil, she turns to Lydia. Even Lydia gets spiky with Vinny. Lydia says that Vinny has crossed a line here, but she’ll try to sort things out.

“Then we have Paddy – Mandy’s oldest, best friend – who sorts everything out. Paddy makes her realise that actually when they were kids, when they were the same age, they were exactly the same as Liv and Vinny.

“Paddy is the ultimate hero of the day and it’s that realisation. Mandy won’t have deception in her life, but then Paddy reminds her of a few home truths.”

Vinny and Liv later take advice from the rest of the Dingles on how to win over Mandy again.

The young couple decide to turn their fake engagement party into a real wedding reception and make Mandy the guest of honour.

With Mandy still hurting, it’s once again left to Paddy (Dominic Brunt) to convince her to turn up.

Lisa revealed: “Mandy finds a large bottle of prosecco in Take A Vow. In true Mandy style, she’s drowning her sorrows.

“Paddy turns up and she’s like: ‘Leave me alone, I’ve got my prosecco, I’ve got my trashy mags. You can go and do whatever you want’. You’ll end the episode where you truly don’t know whether or not Mandy is going to turn up.

“Obviously she does and she has gone to town. She obviously had this outfit prepared. With Vinny and Mandy, you don’t need the spoken word. It’s that little smile and: ‘Okay, I’ve forgiven you. You’ve got a lot of work to do now but I’ve forgiven you’.

“Something happens that will make the audience realise that, between Paddy and Mandy, there’s something very special and deep-rooted. It’s that deep-rooted friendship that Paddy and Mandy will have forever.

“This then leads to Mandy going to Vinny: ‘Okay, I understand why you did it. But it’s the lies and you’ve got to win me back now’.”