Emmerdale star Bradley Johnson explains Vinny Dingle’s big new plan

Can he get back in Mandy’s good books?

Emmerdale star Bradley Johnson has revealed more details about Vinny Dingle’s major efforts to win Mandy’s forgiveness.

Next week’s episodes see Mandy left devastated when she discovers that Vinny recently married his girlfriend Liv Flaherty in secret.

Mandy is upset that she was deliberately cut out of her son’s ceremony and sees his behaviour as a big betrayal.

Knowing that he needs to make amends, Vinny makes plans to turn his fake engagement party into a real wedding reception – and have Mandy as the guest of honour.

Speaking to about the story, Bradley explained: “I think Vinny is riddled with guilt when Mandy finds out. The last thing he wanted to do was upset his mum. Mandy means the absolute world to him.

“They share some scenes in the salon, which reminded me of the lockdown episode where we saw a different side to Mandy and Vinny. The writers did a fantastic job of showing the emotion, because Mandy is angry but it’s upsetting for both of them.

“Seeing Mandy upset hurts Vinny in so many ways, because he means the absolute world to her and she means the world to him. These scenes really show a different side to them as mother and son.”

In emotional scenes, Mandy expresses fears that Vinny snubbed her because she’s not his biological mum.

Bradley continued: “Even though they’re not blood, the last thing Vinny wants is for Mandy to feel like she’s not his real mum, because she is all that Vinny has ever known.

“Vinny wants to put it right and an idea springs in his mind. He wants to incorporate her in some way, so he goes away and thinks about what he can do.

“He pulls some strings and decides to get Mandy involved, which hopefully will redeem the trust between them both. Hopefully it’s a happy-ever-after for them.”

Asked whether Vinny believes his efforts can make Mandy happy, Bradley replied: “I think so, yeah. I think he’s also scared there will be some drama that can always pan out.

“You know with any event with the Dingles, something always goes wrong. He’s a bit apprehensive about it, but if he can win back his mum’s trust, he’ll do it just to make her happy.”