Emmerdale reveals final comeuppance for Meena Jutla in tense new scenes

Judgment day.

Emmerdale has revealed final comeuppance for Meena Jutla will happen in tense new scenes.

Fans assuming they’d seen the last of Meena following her trial outburst were sorely mistaken when she popped up once in Friday’s episode in her prison cell, threatening her new prison guard.

Having now made threats to kill again, Meena will bring new chaos to the residents of Emmerdale next week as she awaits sentencing for multiple murders.

Liam has promised to stay away from the courthouse on the day of Meena’s sentencing hearing, yet can’t shut himself away from updates on the case.

Jacob comes up with a way to help make Liam feel better. With other residents’ help, he schedules a memorial celebration in Leanna’s honour to plant a tree at the same time as Meena is scheduled to be in court.

Many of Emmerdale’s villagers come together to pay tribute to those lost, bonding over their shared trauma and forgetting about whatever petty squabbles they’ve had with one another.

Over at the courthouse, Meena is furious to see all of the regulars from Emmerdale have decided to boycott her sentencing – thus refusing to give her any attention.

Later, Meena is delighted when she finally notices that sister Manpreet has quietly ducked into the courtroom to watch the sentence be handed down.

Whatever joy Meena feels for sucking her sister back in is short-lived once her final judgment is rendered and her sentence is read aloud to the courtroom.

How will Meena pay the price for her crimes?