Emmerdale fans left reeling as Meena’s fate is finally unveiled on ITV soap

Emmerdale fans have been left shocked as evil serial killer Meena Jutla’s fate was finally confirmed on the ITV soap tonight, after Dr Liam Cavanagh pushed her off a bridge during last night’s show

Emmerdale fans have been left reeling as evil serial killer Meena Jutla’s fate was finally revealed on the ITV soap.

The soap villain was pushed off a bridge by Dr Liam Cavanagh during last night’s episode, and fans have been anxious to find out whether she is alive – or had actually perished in the fall.

And during tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, it seemed touch or go if Meena would make it out alive as she was found by the police as Dr Liam and Meena’s sister Manpreet Sharma stood by.

She was rushed into surgery, leaving fans convinced she wouldn’t make it.

Meena was rushed to surgery

However, during the second half of tonight’s first episode, it was revealed that Meena is still alive and is recovering after surgery.

The news left everyone – including the villagers – shocked, as police waited by her bedside as they were so desperate to speak to her. It was them who spotted she had woken up after the surgery, as she proceeded to tell them all what had happened.

Taking to Twitter, some fans expressed their happiness that Meena had woken up.

“My girl has taken a load of hits to the head and still pulling through #emmerdale,” one wrote.

Meena is recovering after surgery

A second added: “Queen Meena lives #Emmerdale,” as a third shared: “OMG SHE LIVES, RISE UP AND KILL THEM ALL #Emmerdale.”

However, other fans were less than impressed about Meena surviving the fall.

One penned: “And so the Meena story gets ready to rumble on for another few months! #emmerdale.”

“Just when you think it’s all over she breathes #emmerdale,” a second wrote, with a third adding: “So she gets hit over the head with a piece of wood! Falls off a bridge and now has a heart beat come on @emmerdale seriously!!”

Liam pushed Meena off a bridge

Earlier this week, actress Paige Sandhu confirmed it was the “beginning of the end” for her character, as she said: “There are two peoples lives who hang in the balance. And I can say this is the beginning of the end for Meena but there’s more drama to come!”

In scenes airing during a thrilling week for the soap, Meena managed to get away from Billy Fletcher and Dawn Taylor, who she had held hostage, but not before shooting Leyla and leaving her for dead.

However, Dr Liam caught up with her and pushed her over the bridge in a fuming rage after she taunted him about his daughter Leanna Cavanagh’s death. Meena murdered Leanna back in 2020.