Emmerdale fans fume as Dr Liam is arrested for murder after Meena confrontation

Emmerdale fans have been left fuming after Dr Liam Cavanagh was arrested by police for the attempted murder of evil serial killer Meena Jutla during the first of tonight’s episode

Emmerdale fans are fuming after Dr Liam Cavanagh was arrested for the attempted murder of Meena Jutla.

In last night’s episode, the angry GP pushed Meena off the bridge – the same place where she killed his daughter Leanna Cavanagh – after she goaded him and taunted him about his daughter’s death.

But now, he faces a potential attempted murder charge as he was brought into the police station for questioning after Meena gave her version of events following the confrontation on the bridge.

Fans were left furious as Liam was arrested by police, who believed Meena’s description of what happened.

Liam was looking after Leyla when he was arrested

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Told you #Meena has got 9 lives. Now she will try to send #Liam to prison I just hope she is put in prison too # Emmerdale @emmerdale.”

“Oh FFS..Meena was at deaths door now talking to Police and they arrest Liam!!! end this c**p now #Emmerdale,” a second added, as a third penned: “Asif there treating Liam like hes the serial killer! Don’t know why I’m still watching this it’s a joke #Emmerdale.”

A fourth wrote: “Can not believe this poor Liam getting arrested over Meena the real killer #Emmerdale.”

Liam was visited by the police in his wife Leyla’s hospital room as he cared for her after she was shot at by Meena.

Liam pushed Meena off the bridge

During their confrontation yesterday, Meena taunted Liam about Leanna’s death as he held a pitchfork up to her.

“You know,” she began, “It’s funny. I’ve been so judgemental about how stupid people are when I’ve been chasing them. Now look at me! Just like Andrea running right into that maze. Leanna was the stupidest though, no offence.”

Liam cried as Meena continued to recount to him exactly what had happened when she murdered Leanna. Clearly heartbroken, Liam told Meena that Leanna wasn’t stupid like she had suggested.

Meena was left for dead after the fall

“She just didn’t know someone could be that evil”, Liam said as he made a lunge towards her.

He seemingly had a change of heart as he threw the pitchfork over the side of the bridge and headed towards his car to go and help his wife Leyla, but after one final taunt from Meena, he stormed back to her and pushed her over the bridge.