EastEnders viewers gasp as Jean enjoys steamy snog after throwing herself on Harvey

EastEnders favourite Jean Slater and her love interest Harvey Monroe took the next step in their relationship as they shared a passionate smooch following an intense moment

EastEnders viewers were left cheering loveable character Jean Slater following Friday evening’s instalment of the BBC One soap after her new romance heated up tenfold.

The Albert Square resident delighted eagle-eyed viewers when she shared a passionate snog with non-other than Harvey Monroe.

Romance had been brewing between the pair over the last couple of months, but their relationship was sidelined by Harvey’s ongoing concerns with his son Aaron, who has been caught up in a right-wing hate group.

After Harvey made the soul-destroying decision to report Aaron to police over his involvement in the New Year’s Eve bombing attempt, Jean has been there for him – sharing words of wisdom and offering endless support.

And after a kind gesture from Harvey – where he delivered her medical diary to her hospital appointment – Jean learned to finally open out about her mental health issues.

Jean shared a steamy snog with Harvey

Jean ended up in Harvey’s cab on the way to her medical appointment.

At the hospital appointment, Jean swore to her doctor she is still taking her medications even though she hadn’t been in for a proper assessment in over a year.

Jean started to worry when her doctor wants to schedule an appointment since she could not find her diary.

Harvey showed up with Jean’s diary just in time, since she’d left it in his cab.

The pair locked lips in the steamy scene

They then kissed and made up – much to the delight of EastEnders viewers.

The pair have been each other shoulder’s to cry on in recent weeks, and tonight, they took the next step in their relationship as they shared a passionate smooch following an intense moment.

After the unexpected kiss aired on BBC One, EastEnders viewers flocked to Twitter to share their reactions as they gushed over Jean’s ‘happy ending’.

“I love the Jean and Harvey storyline so much. She deserves her happy ending so much,” one viewer swooned.

EastEnders fans were delighted for Jean

“EastEnders has got me teary-eyed tonight!!! Yesssss to Jean finally kissing Harvey,” another echoed.

A third chimed: “Not usually one for soppy moments but yay! Jean got a snog.”

Meanwhile a fourth fan quipped: “Jean has a better sex life than me! Hope she and Harvey last. They’re so adorable.”

Jean threw herself on top of Harvey

“We love to see Jean getting her man,” someone else added.

Aside from her blossoming love life, Jean has been showing signs of erratic behaviour in recent weeks as she continues to refuse to take her medication.

Jean appears to be spiralling out of control as she continues to attempt to hide her behaviour – but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by her daughter Stacey.