EastEnders star Shona McGarty thinks fans will be shocked by Whitney’s reaction to Kush murder

As far as she is concerned, Gray was at home at the time of Kush’s death.

EastEnders star Shona McGarty has admitted that she thinks fans of the BBC One soap could be shocked by her character Whitney’s reaction when she finds out that the Square’s serial killer Gray Atkins (Toby-Alexander Smith) murdered her fiancé Kush Kazemi.

McGarty opened up about the all the sordid details coming out during an exclusive interview with, telling us that Whitney has no idea Gray (who she’s also been romantically linked to) could be capable of murdering Kush, despite being one of the few people that know about how he murdered his own wife Chantelle.

“She would never think [he murdered Kush], even though she knows about Chantelle. It just doesn’t occur to her – it’s not something she has thought about,” the actress admitted. “As far as she is concerned, Gray was at home at the time of Kush’s death and she just believes it was an accident.

“Obviously the audience knows different, so hopefully she will get that information at some point.”

As for what Whitney will do if, or more likely when, she finds out? McGarty admitted: “She loved Kush. She’s had some really rubbish relationships and she’d be devastated to find out what really happened to him.”

But it sounds like we maybe shouldn’t expect Whitney to have the kind of reaction viewers might be expecting.

“When you’re given that sort of information, you could do anything though,” she pointed out. “You don’t know how you’re going to react and so Whitney’s reaction might actually be really shocking…”

Of course, fans of the soap have known for months now that Gray has a lot of blood on his hands after killing his former wife Chantelle, then Tina Carter after she found out his murderous ways.

He then ended Kush’s life as Whitney tried to leave Albert Square with him to start a new life, pushing him in front of an underground train in harrowing scenes that aired last April.

It looks like it could all soon come crashing down for Gray though, as a body was recently discovered buried under the Argee Bhajee, which viewers know to be the remains of Tina.

We know that time is ticking when it comes to Gray finally being exposed, as EastEnders has revealed that all will be revealed when it comes to the evil ways of the former lawyer in a big week for the soap, set to air from Monday, March 7.