EastEnders star Barbara Smith calls for Dana’s mum to arrive

EastEnders star Barbara Smith who plays Dana Monroe has called for Dana’s mum to finally be slotted into the Monroe family picture.

Currently Dana lives with father Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) and brother Aaron (Charlie Wernham), while their mum is alluded to as leaving them when they were young.

Speaking to Inside Soap Smith said: “I’m desperate to meet Dana’s mum. I think we’d learn a lot about Dana if we saw her interact with her mum, and I think she harbours a lot of resentment.”

Smith even put forward her preferred actor to take on the role of the mysterious mother.

“Whoever plays her would need to do a great East End accent. If I could choose anyone, it’d be Olivia Colman because she’s amazing. I did a radio play with her when I was 11, before she’s gone to Hollywood, and she was so great!”

Although there’s no indication that Dana’s mum will arrive anytime soon, she has a lot of love for her current TV family. According to Smith, herself and Wernham “act like siblings off-screen” and “Ross Boatman and I are like father and daughter to0, so it’s not hard to act out. They tease me all the time, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The family are currently in turmoil after Dana’s pregnancy scare and rocky relationship with Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) and Aaron’s arrest for domestic terrorism. So perhaps it is time to bring a new member of the family to the mix, though surely there will be even more drama.