EastEnders reveals aftermath of Phil Mitchell’s big decision

EastEnders has revealed the aftermath of Phil Mitchell’s big decision.

The Walford crime boss made the stunning decision this week to become a confidential informant for the police in order to bail out his family’s failing businesses.

Phil was left with little choice but to take a plea offer from DCI Keeble to inform on Aidan Maguire and other underworld figures once Sharon Watts revealed how perilous the family’s financial situation has become.

Phil had agreed to Keegan’s offer on the one condition he could make an international call. Viewers know this is setting up the return of Sam Mitchell, to be played by Kim Medcalf once again.

In scenes airing next week, Sharon is relieved to hear from Phil’s lawyer Ritchie Scott that he has finally agreed to DCI Keeble’s terms to become a confidential informant.

Soon, it’s crunch time as Keeble visits Phil in a prison cell where she demands all of his dirt on corrupt coppers and fellow gangsters. The question is whether Phil will actually feed her valuable information…

Ahead of her screen return, Kim has teased that Sam Mitchell is back in the Square “for a reason” when she reappears next week.

“She’s going to cause lots of drama in typical Sam Mitchell style and she’s also going to upset a few people,” she hinted. “Let’s just say her return isn’t going to go down well with most people and I really can’t wait for the viewers to see it all.”