EastEnders hints at shock for Kat Slater after her engagement news

Kat Slater is in for a shock following her engagement news in EastEnders.

Three new photos from Friday night’s episode (February 25) show Kat at an engagement party at the Vic where one person is missing – the groom!

Phil Mitchell is nowhere to be found as Mick Carter helps Kat decorate the pub for her big night.

Jean Slater even arrives at the Vic in a party mood too, complete with very appropriate “Happy Birthday” balloons.

Previous preview photos have actually shown Phil’s possible whereabouts during the gathering at the Vic. The gangster will go into a rage when he finds out Tommy Moon’s bullies are at it again.

Phil charges into the abandoned Argee Bhajee with a pipe to bludgeon all of the bullies unless they leave Tommy alone once and for all.

In spite of Phil’s violent threats, the bullying will continue next week as Tommy tries to get enough cash to buy off his tormentors once and for all.

All of this comes in the aftermath of Kat proposing to Phil in Thursday’s episode once she found out how far he was willing to go to protect both her and her children.

Kat mistakenly found paperwork that Phil later explained was his wish to turn over all of his assets before he goes to prison. In Phil’s mind, he’ll be leaving Kat and her kids with some financial security.

This news is unlikely to please Phil’s son Ben Mitchell, since he’d now have Kat as a de facto business partner once his father goes to jail.

Sharon Watts has also been stunned by Phil’s recent choices – particularly that Phil is willing to give up everything to avoid grassing up his criminal associates.