EastEnders fans heartbroken as evil Gray physically abuses Chelsea in horror scenes

EastEnders fans have been left heartbroken after evil Gray Atkins physically abused his wife Chelsea Fox in horror scenes during tonight’s episode of the BBC One soap

EastEnders fans have been left heartbroken after Gray physically abused Chelsea in horror scenes.

The serial killer has subjected his wife – and the mother of his child – to horrific emotional abuse over the past few months, but as he continued to stress over the messages sent from someone pretending to be his late ex Chantelle Atkins, his abuse turned physical.

Gray killed Chantelle in horror scenes a few years back and now fans are terrified the same will happen to Chelsea after Gray’s abuse turned physical during tonight’s episode of the BBC One soap.

He slammed her hand in a drawer, and Chelsea was left reeling by his actions.

Chelsea was left screaming in pain

As they argued over breastfeeding, Chelsea admitted she was struggling with it and it wasn’t working.

“It’s making me ill,” she told Gray, who seemed angry as he fumed at her.

He told her: “So you just made this decision without talking to me first? It’s always about you.”

She insisted to him that she was “trying” but she was left “exhausted” by it and it wasn’t working, as Gray flipped and slammed her hand in a nearby open drawer.

Gray is getting more panicked

Horrified, Chelsea screamed out in pain before she stayed quiet and just looked at him, unsure what to do.

“# EastEnders Uh oh. That’s the physical abuse started now. Chelsea’s certainly in danger now,” one wrote, as a second person added: “Gray has physically lashed out at Chelsea. She better go to the police now and show them that injury. #EastEnders.”

A third person wrote: “The pressure is getting to Gray & he’s cracking but will it be Chelsea who suffers for it #EastEnders.”

“Kheerat messing with Gray is really putting Chelsea in a st situation and now look, the evil w*** just broke her fingers in the drawer, someone PLEASE end him! #EastEnders.”‘

Fans are worried for Chelsea

In scenes airing earlier this week, Gray was left surprised after receiving messages from his dead ex-wife Chantelle.

“No time to reply to your dearly departed?” the message from his late ex Chantelle’s email account reads, leaving him fuming, as he said: “I’m being trolled, someone with a grudge is impersonating Chantelle.

“I don’t know who it is, but I’ve had enough – I’ll find out who they are.”

Viewers already know Kheerat is behind the messages – but Gray is still none the wiser.