EastEnders fans ‘gag’ as Kat Slater makes filthy sex joke about Phil Mitchell

While discussing her relationship drama, EastEnders’ Kat made reference to Phil’s rather large manhood as she joked about his ‘bulging wallet’

Kat Slater blasted her ex Phil Mitchell during Friday evening’s instalment of EastEnders.

The iconic resident of Albert Square poked fun at her hard-man ex-boyfriend as she confirmed to friend Kathy that their romance was as ‘dead as a door nail’.

In what was arguably one of the most unexpected relationship’s to ever emerge from Walford, Kat and Phil enjoyed a whirlwind love story, but it wasn’t meant to last.

The unlikely pair decided to call it quits on their romance a number of weeks ago – but their break-up hasn’t stopped Kat from sharing details of their seemingly fiery sex life.

While discussing her relationship drama in the cafe, Kat made reference to Phil’s rather large manhood as she joked about his ‘bulging wallet’.

Kat made reference to Phil’s rather large manhood as she joked about his ‘bulging wallet’

After curious Kathy asked: “It’s definitely over with you and Phil then?”, Kat jokes about her failed relationship.

“Yeah, good riddance,” she quipped.

“The only thing Phil Mitchell is good for is his bulging…..wallet,” she added before erupting into laughter.

Friday evening’s instalment of EastEnders was a rather steamy one indeed as it wasn’t just Kat who had sex on her mind.

Kat poked fun at her hard-man ex-boyfriend

Elsewhere in the Slater household, Jean delighted eagle-eyed viewers when she shared a passionate snog with non-other than Harvey Monroe.

Romance had been brewing between the pair over the last couple of months, but their relationship was sidelined by Harvey’s ongoing concerns with his son Aaron, who has been caught up in a right-wing hate group.

After Harvey made the soul-destroying decision to report Aaron to police over his involvement in the New Year’s Eve bombing attempt, Jean has been there for him – sharing words of wisdom and offering endless support.

Phil and Kat dated for a number of months

And after a kind gesture from Harvey – where he delivered her medical diary to her hospital appointment – Jean learned to finally open out about her mental health issues.

Jean ended up in Harvey’s cab on the way to her medical appointment.

At the hospital appointment, Jean swore to her doctor she is still taking her medications even though she hadn’t been in for a proper assessment in over a year.

Viewers said they ‘gagged’ over Kat’s filthy joke

Jean started to worry when her doctor wants to schedule an appointment since she could not find her diary.

Harvey showed up with Jean’s diary just in time, since she’d left it in his cab.

They then kissed and made up – much to the delight of EastEnders viewers.