Corrie viewers call out Adam Barlow’s damning mistake as Lydia confesses revenge plan

Coronation Street fans think Adam Barlow missed an opportunity to expose lying Lydia Chambers, and prove his innocence on the ITV soap

Coronation Street viewers believe Adam Barlow made a huge mistake on the ITV soap on Friday night, as he missed the opportunity to expose Lydia Chambers.

Lydia claimed she was having an affair with Adam, leaving his wife Sarah Platt heartbroken.

She’d framed Adam and left a mountain of evidence suggesting there was something going on between them, and sadly Adam’s word was not enough to convince Sarah she was lying.

From receipts to hotel visits, and the lingerie and oysters referenced on Adam’s credit card statement, Sarah fell for Lydia’s lies and kicked Adam out.

Adam told Sarah it was not true and that Lydia was clearly against him, but Sarah refused to believe him.

Coronation Street viewers believe Adam Barlow made a huge mistake

He ended up chasing after Lydia and confronted her, asking why she was lying about their fake affair.

It’s then that Lydia confessed she was out to get him, and planned to destroy his life piece by piece – suggesting he had done the same to her years ago.

Viewers believe Adam made a big mistake when confronting her though, as she willingly confessed she had lied and was setting him up.

Lydia claimed she was having an affair with Adam

Fans suggested he should have recorded their conversation on his phone, to catch her out and play it back to Sarah.

One viewer tweeted: “That would’ve been an ideal opportunity for Adam to have recorded that conversation with his mobile phone. Rookie mistake.”

Another agreed: “Seriously don’t get why Adam didn’t record that conversation.”

A third viewer tweeted: “I don’t suppose Adam’s thought to press record on his phone,” as a fourth tweeted: “As somebody has pointed out, why wasn’t Adam recording this on his phone!”

Meanwhile, viewers couldn’t believe how quick Sarah was to believe Lydia over her own husband.

Many fans recalled a storyline from just weeks ago where Adam was being terrorised by a mystery stalker.

Of course viewers know his tormentor is Lydia, and it was all part of her plan – but no one else knows this.

So when it all kicked off on Friday, viewers didn’t know how Adam had failed to work out Lydia was behind the torment weeks ago.

More than that, they were stunned Sarah was willing to believe Lydia over Adam, and despite Adam’s protests she failed to realise it was linked to the recent goings on.

Fans suggested he should have recorded their conversation on his phone

Taking to Twitter, one viewer said: “So weird things been happening to Adam, plus the bad Adam reviews, etc etc but Sarah is of course going to believe her over him and really not think that none of it is odd.”

Another tweeted: “Sarah and Adam have suffered harassment and abuse (and crime, IIRC) at the hands of an anonymous stalker for months. Not sure why they’re so slow to put two and two together…”

A third agreed: “How about working out Lydia’s the stalker?” as a fourth said: “Corrie why the f**k has Adam not clicked that Lydia must be the stalker? Call yourself a lawyer solicitor or what ever you’re supposed to be lol.”