Coronation Street’s Kelly Neelan shares secret struggles with Gary and Maria

How are they going to react?

Kelly Neelan’s desperate circumstances will finally be laid out on the table in upcoming Corrie scenes.

Airing on Sunday, March 6 and Monday, March 7 at 8pm on ITV, fans catch up with Maria Connor and Gary Windass while they’re still unaware of how deeply Kelly’s terminally ill mum Laura has been relying on her.

Gary confronts Kelly as to why she was out until the early hours, but Kelly passes this off as her time to go running because it helps her relax.

Later on, she visits Laura before revealing to Simon Barlow how she’s not only caring for her mum, but also attending school and squeezing in work at the barbershop at the same time. He encourages her to come clean to Maria and Gary, but Kelly makes it clear she doesn’t want to.

The day after, in order to concentrate on her council campaign, Maria asks Kelly to increase her hours at the barbers, leaving the poor teenager in a sticky position because she needs the money but also needs to tend to her mum.

Kelly then takes a call from Laura, who says she’s fallen down, which only adds to Simon’s worry. On the other side of town though, Maria is infuriated by the fact that Kelly hasn’t shown up for her shift.

Wanting his mate’s bosses to understand the severity of the situation, Simon shares everything with Maria and Gary.

Kelly and Laura are subsequently interrupted by Gary, which forces the former’s hand and the truth of the tragic matter is laid bare. But how will the barbershop owners react?