Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow doubted further over Lydia’s affair claims

Carla and Daniel don’t believe Adam.

Coronation Street’s Adam Barlow faces more frustration tonight (February 28) as false accusations from Lydia Chambers spread further.

Adam (Samuel Robertson) is fighting to save his marriage after Lydia lied that they’d been having an affair.

Adam’s wife Sarah (Tina O’Brien) believes that Lydia is telling the truth, but viewers know that the show newcomer is trying to destroy her ex-boyfriend’s life with her elaborate scheme.

In Monday’s hour-long episode, the factory staff are confused about why Lydia hasn’t turned up for work.

Sarah confirms that Lydia won’t be coming back, but she refuses to reveal why.

When word of what’s going on reaches Carla Barlow (Alison King), she’s quick to give Adam a hard time – believing Lydia’s claims to be true.

Adam’s uncle Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) is also angry, wondering whether the “affair” was going on when he was briefly dating Lydia.

Adam tries to persuade Carla and Daniel that he hasn’t slept with Lydia since they were at university together.

Carla and Daniel don’t believe a word of his denials, but as Adam sticks to his story, will he make any progress?

Later, Adam calls at the factory and also tries his best to convince Sarah that Lydia is a fantasist.

Rebecca Ryan, who plays Lydia, recently explained: “She has covered all bases. She has gone to extraordinary lengths, things that you wouldn’t even think of. Not only that, she has put things into place weeks before, so conversations she has had with Sarah weeks before that you wouldn’t even know mean anything, she is laying the groundwork already for things that she knows [are] going to happen.

“She has been very clever and manipulative, definitely. This is a well thought out plan, for sure, she has covered all bases.

“Sarah is obviously absolutely devastated. This is her marriage, her life and it’s just been turned upside down. It’s a genuine friendship for Lydia with Sarah, but her revenge on Adam means more to her than the friendship with Sarah so she gets caught in the middle of it.

“I think that she is genuinely trying to save Sarah. She likes Sarah and is genuinely trying to get her away from Adam because she does think that he is bad news and he hasn’t changed after all this time.

“He is still the same person and she doesn’t want Sarah to get hurt. I don’t know if she goes about it in the right way but in her own way she is definitely trying to save Sarah.”