Coronation Street to reveal full Lydia backstory as Adam plot escalates

The truth about their past is disclosed.

Coronation Street will reveal the full backstory behind Lydia Chambers’ big grudge against Adam Barlow tonight (March 21).

Lydia has spent weeks trying to sabotage Adam’s marriage to Sarah as part of a plan to destroy his happiness.

Viewers know that Lydia and Adam (Samuel Robertson) were in a relationship when they were at university together.

The romance clearly meant more to Lydia than it did to Adam – and she was hurt when he failed to even remember her when they came face-to-face again.

In Monday’s episode, Adam texts Lydia from Sarah’s phone and tricks her into meeting him at a coffee shop.

As they sit down together, Adam secretly presses ‘record’ on his phone to finally secure evidence of Lydia’s deception.

Lydia briefly falls for it, but when she realises what’s going on, she snatches the phone and deletes the evidence.

Later, Lydia confronts Adam for the way he treated her all those years ago.

As viewers learn the full extent of Adam’s bad behaviour, he feels a pang of guilt for his mistakes.

Adam softens towards Lydia, but also urges her to see that it’s time to tell Sarah (Tina O’Brien) the truth.

Lydia is furious and shoves Adam, causing him to topple over an upstairs railing at the shopping centre.

Rebecca Ryan, who plays Lydia, previously teased the revelations to come and expressed hope that Corrie fans would come to understand her character’s motivations.

Speaking earlier this year, Rebecca told other media: “In the past when they were together back in their uni days, he treated her very badly.

“For her, it wasn’t just a little fling and onto the next one – her relationship with Adam changed the course of her life and she’s just really struggling to get over that.

“The worst thing for her is that he hasn’t admitted it or hasn’t acknowledged it. He hasn’t come to her and said: ‘Look, I’m sorry’. I think that’s all she would’ve needed, she would’ve been happy.

“If he’d have just acknowledged what had happened, what he had done and how badly he treated her in the past, none of this would’ve happened. I think she’d have been quite happy to maybe even become friends with him and Sarah and maybe go out with them as a couple.”