Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien reveals Sarah’s doubts over Lydia’s lies

“Sarah is in a really tough place.”

Coronation Street star Tina O’Brien has hinted at a possible turning point in the ongoing Lydia Chambers storyline.

Tina’s character Sarah Barlow was left devastated last month when her husband Adam (Samuel Robertson) was falsely accused of infidelity by Lydia.

Lydia (Rebecca Ryan) claims that she was secretly sleeping with Adam for several weeks, but viewers know that her allegations are all part of an elaborate revenge plan.

Although Sarah has kicked out Adam and tried to cut ties with him, upcoming scenes see Carla Barlow (Alison King) point out that Lydia could be lying.

Asked whether Sarah will start to have second thoughts about leaving Adam, Tina told other media: “Yes, I think she will. She absolutely loves him. She wanted to believe that what he’s saying is the truth, but there’s so much evidence and she’s doubting herself.

“Sarah is in a really tough place as the evidence is there. She’s like: ‘Look at all this evidence! I don’t know anymore’.”

She continued: “Interestingly Carla has her reservations about the whole situation and something doesn’t sit right with her. She tries to say to Sarah, ‘Look, I’m not sure you should believe her’.

“It makes Sarah question if she’s doing the right thing. She’s adamant that she doesn’t want Adam around her son Harry, but after that conversation with Carla, she realises that it’s not fair to take it out on her child.

“It’s not fair to take it out on Adam either and they need to have a relationship. She approaches Adam and things are starting to soften, but Adam takes it as everything is going to be alright and Sarah’s going to take him back.

“Sarah loves him very much, but she feels so badly betrayed that she doesn’t think she could come back from that kind of betrayal.”

Another upcoming plot twist sees Lydia violently lash out at Adam at a shopping centre, shoving him over a first-floor railing.

The incident leads to Adam being rushed to hospital in a worrying condition.

On how Sarah initially reacts, Tina explained: “She speaks to Peter and Carla and she’s genuinely very worried, but her response is that Adam is not her problem anymore.

“That sounds quite heartless, but at the same time I think with everything she’s been through, it’s not her place to visit him in hospital. She feels that what’s gone on is between him and Lydia and she doesn’t want to get involved.”