Coronation Street star Mikey North confirms huge Gary Windass confession

The truth comes out over Rick’s death.

Coronation Street star Mikey North has confirmed that his character Gary Windass will make a big confession over Rick Neelan’s death.

Gary is forced to confide in Rick’s ex-wife Laura (Kel Allen) next week after she asks him some difficult questions about the loan shark’s disappearance.

Upcoming episodes see Laura’s private investigator confirm that he hasn’t managed to find any solid leads on Rick’s whereabouts.

The PI adds that Rick is likely to be dead and Gary seems to be the prime suspect.

Later, Laura confronts Gary and demands an explanation. The timing couldn’t be any worse for Gary, as he has just learned that Weatherfield County’s new training ground will be set up at the same location he moved Rick’s body to.

Speaking to and other media about the drama to come, Mikey explained: “Gary goes back to the site and he knows there is no way he can get to that body. I think they’re just about to start laying foundations right where the body is, so he knows that Rick is going to be found.

“By this point, Gary and Laura have grown quite close and they’ve taken care of each other. She starts asking questions and he just cracks. He can’t put up with it anymore. He thinks there are no other options.

“It’s going to come out any day, so Gary might as well tell Laura the truth. He snaps at her and tells her everything.”

Reminding us that Gary had little choice but to kill Rick, Mikey continued: “This is part of what he explains to Laura. Obviously, if we’re honest about it, it was self-defence and he was doing it to save himself.

“Gary was also trying to protect Sarah, and Rick was going to kill Bethany as well. Gary really didn’t have any option and he would do it all again if he had the chance.”

An emotional Gary seems resigned to his fate, as he tells his wife Maria (Samia Longchambon) that it seems to be game over for his long-running cover-up.

Mikey added: “It’s massive relief. I hope it came across in the scenes that we shot, but it’s almost like Gary feels a weight was off his shoulders after explaining. Gary is almost happy to be doing this, because he’s kept it together for so long.

“It’s controlled his life for two or three years, and to be able to tell Laura, who he’s kept it from for so long, is definitely a big relief.”