Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson reveals more on Nicky’s fresh start

She applies for a new job next week.

Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson has discussed the new direction ahead for her character Nicky Wheatley.

Nicky returns to Weatherfield next week and tells Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) that she has applied for a teaching assistant role at the local school.

Nicky was introduced as a sex worker in 2020, but in her exit storyline, she seized an opportunity to start a new life when Daniel gave her money to clear her debts.

Speaking to and other media, Kimberly explained: “The new teaching position means everything to Nicky because it means everything to her daughter Maisie too.

“It means a lot because it is a job that is socially acceptable. Maisie can tell the world what her mum does for the first time.

“Nicky is part of the education system, so she will have the same holidays as Maisie and it all supports this life that she wants for the both of them.

“Everything is always about Maisie, but if she can find a job that makes her want to get out of bed in the morning then what a bonus!”

Asked about the possibility of the Street’s residents finding out about Nicky’s past, Kimberly replied: “Nicky knows what people are like. Even though she isn’t ashamed about what she did, and rightly so, it is everyone else with the problem, despite the fact that behind closed doors all these people have got their own secrets going on.

“Nicky knows that people have a problem, but we have had people on the Street who have worked as sex workers and turned their lives around before, like Leanne for example, who is now a well respected member of society.

“Obviously Nicky doesn’t know this, but it shows people can turn their lives around. She knows she has got a fight on her hands.

“Nicky does try to hide her past from other people. That’s okay – to not want to fly the flag and say ‘this is what I have previously done’. That isn’t through shame, but through not wanting the aggro. She doesn’t want to have to explain herself to everyone all the time.”