Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson reveals all on Nicky catching out Daisy

Things get tense next week.

Coronation Street star Kimberly Hart-Simpson has revealed more on her character Nicky Wheatley’s upcoming tensions with Daisy Midgeley.

Nicky returns to Weatherfield next week and tries to catch up with Daniel (Rob Mallard), but her plans are temporarily thwarted by a jealous Daisy.

As we recently revealed, Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) feels threatened when Nicky calls at the pub and asks where she can find Daniel.

Daisy lies that Daniel has moved down south, but Nicky realises this isn’t true when they later cross paths by chance.

Nicky’s first impressions of Daisy, Kimberly explained: “Daisy looks glamorous and Nicky hasn’t seen many people like her on the street. She is friendly and nice and seems pleasant.

“When Nicky is told that Daniel has moved away, she is gutted that she isn’t going to get to see him, but she is happy for him. She thinks he has obviously moved on too, and she ultimately wants the best for Daniel.

“When Nicky later realises the relationship between Daisy and Daniel, it all starts to make sense. She knows that if someone is capable of lying straight away, then she knows what they’re like.

“Nicky has seen people like this before. She is a woman of the world, she has seen every type of person, so she knows straight away that Daisy is threatened by her.

“I would say Nicky is a little more mature than Daisy. She has got a kid, and so she knows how to put a girl like Daisy in her place.”

Kimberly warned that Nicky is a match for Daisy if the tensions get any worse.

She teased: “I think it is going to be spicy! This is when Corrie is at its very best. They are very similar and share traits, so it will be interesting to see how that plays out.

“Nicky will see Daisy as catnip – like ‘sit down, little girl’ vibes. They probably have similar interests. If they did a quiz about themselves, they would probably give very similar answers. They are both strong fiery women.

“I think Nicky could embarrass Daisy very easily. She doesn’t have to try and plot very hard, just calling her out on her actions would make Daisy look jealous and insecure.

“I don’t think she is going to waste time on it though. She just wants to thank Daniel for helping her and her daughter, this isn’t a great love reunion. She isn’t trying to get him back, it is to say thank you for changing my entire world. But all Daisy sees is another woman coming in and trying to take Daniel.”