Coronation Street star Elle Mulvaney reveals “shock” over Amy and Jacob plot

“They’re a good-yet-unlikely match.”

Coronation Street’s Elle Mulvaney, who plays Amy Barlow, is optimistic about her character’s future with Jacob (Jack James Ryan) after she recently broke up with him.

Earlier in February, Amy was forced to give in to family pressure when they admonished the idea of her dating former drug dealer Jacob.

When matters were made worse for Amy after she received a text that informed her Jacob was arrested for selling fake IDs, she ended her relationship with him.

Following the brief break-up however, the pair decided to get back together again, but strictly in secret.

Speaking to Inside Soap about her future with Jacob, the actress seemed hopeful that the pair could see their relationship through to the end.

When asked how she felt about the couple recently reuniting, Elle admitted that initially she was “shocked”.

The soap star said her reaction was mostly because she “wasn’t sure how the match would work” explaining at that point, she hadn’t met Jack, so she had “no idea” what he was like.

Elle went on to say, she “quickly found out Jack’s brilliant to work with”.

“I think I want Amy and Jacob to work out because they’re a good-yet-unlikely match. And it would be nice to see a young couple stay together long-term on the Street.”

Aside from her love life, the actress also revealed who her current favourite person is to work with on set: “It has to be Harriet [Bibby, who plays Summer Spellman],” she told the publication.

“We have lots of lovely scenes together. When I first read that Amy and Summer were falling out, I was absolutely gutted – but luckily they became friends again!”