Coronation Street star Charlotte Jordan reveals devious Daisy scenes as Nicky returns

Charlotte Jordan has previewed Daisy Midgeley’s ruthless reaction to the return of Nicky Wheatley in Coronation Street.

Soap bosses have confirmed Kimberly Hart-Simpson will return as Daniel’s ex-love Nicky when she applies for a job at Daniel’s school.

Nicky insists she will be staying in Weatherfield this time, driving devious Daisy to take desperate action to prevent her from rekindling her flame with Daniel.

Jordan has revealed to that Daisy will be “totally taken off guard” by Nicky’s return because she has heard “absolutely nothing” about Daniel’s one-time love.

“I think instantly it’s her little antennas go up. You know, it’s a red flag,” the actress hinted to us. “You know, she’s a beautiful lady asking about her boyfriend who she’s only just got back on a stable footing with. So Daisy being Daisy sees the threat and tries to get rid of them.”

Daisy wastes no time in showing her displeasure with Nicky’s return, with Jordan saying: “I’ve said this before, but she’s a very impulsive character.

“She’s very reactive. So you know, she’ll hear something from someone beautiful, like Nicky and just impulsively go ‘Waah! No, you can’t have them go away, bye’ and say something to get rid of her.”

Daisy won’t be aware – at least at first – about her new love rival Nicky’s past as a sex worker.

“I like to think she would be trying to be understanding and sympathetic, but Daisy being Daisy, and being so insecure, I think she’ll just see her as a threat,” she admitted. “She ends up making everything about her. So I don’t think she’ll she’ll react as much maturely as she could.”

There will be plenty of anger to go around, according to Jordan, because “bloody Daniel is not being honest with her”.

“He’s not being upfront, he’s not being truthful,” she said. “And for someone who does go on about morality and all of that he’s being a bit of a hypocrite, in my opinion.”

Viewers have seen Daisy sink pretty low in the past – so they should probably expect her to pull no punches with Nicky.

“I think she can, she does have a ruthless streak,” she said. “And like I said, because they’ve been so on and off, for them to just be getting back on an even field and even footing, I think she’s going to try and protect that. Like I say, Daisy bring Daisy, she won’t go about it in the right way.

“But it does come from a place of fear and a place of wanting to be with him, and just sort of wanting to protect what they have.”

Asked if she looked forward to Daisy and Nicky facing off, the actress answered: “Yes, definitely. It’s what Corrie’s known for really, strong women showdowns. So hopefully we can scrap these restrictions and actually get it done old school style. That would be lovely.”