Coronation Street reveals deadly fall for Adam Barlow in Lydia story

Lydia finally gets her chance.

Coronation Street has shared new photos of Adam Barlow taking a deadly fall at the hands of his stalker, Lydia Chambers.

After weeks of tormenting Adam, destroying both his career and marriage to Sarah (Tina O’Brien), Lydia seizes her moment to take her final act of revenge.

As the truth about their past surfaces, an argument ensues.

But when an hysterical Lydia lashes out at an unapologetic Adam, a violent shove finds him falling over a first-floor railing and crashing onto the floor below, leaving Adam bloodied and unconscious.

Future episodes will determine whether Adam pulls through after his fall – and whether Lydia’s revenge plan will finally be revealed to Sarah and the police.

Recently, Samuel Robertson who plays Adam on the soap, suggested that his character could be stepping into the courtroom later in the year, and not as a defendant.

Although his character works as a solicitor alongside lawyer Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo), Adam is rarely seen at court.

Speaking to and other media, the actor revealed he would relish the chance to appear in more legal drama scenes.

“Yeah without a doubt! I’ve never had any court scenes!” the actor said when asked if he’d like to appear in court more.

“To be fair, when I watch Charlie myself, I see some of the monologues that Charlie has to deliver and I don’t envy him at all, I must admit. So I feel like I’ve kind of got away with that one.

“I get to pick up the pieces when he comes back to [the] solicitors and I can hear firsthand from him.”

He’ll need to pick himself up first …