Coronation Street fans spot continuity error in classic episode replay

Continuity error or long-lost brother?

As Corrie continues to air old-school episodes over on ITV3, viewers recently noticed that an episode from the ’00s first introduced Andy Whyment’s iconic character Kirk under an entirely different name.

In the episode, which was replayed earlier this month, Maria was seen talking to Tyrone Dobbs about her brother – only she referred to him as ‘Mark’, rather than Kirk.

“Did Mark become Kirk, or does she have 2 brothers?” one fan pondered on Twitter, while another asked: “Whatever happened to Maria’s brother, Mark? Did he morph into Kirk?”

The most likely scenario, though? Andy first appeared on the cobbles back in 2000, another character named Mark was also living in Weatherfield. Rather than confuse fans by having two people with the same name, they likely re-packaged Maria’s brother as Kirk.

Did Coronation Street opt for Kirk to avoid a case of mistaken identity – or do Maria and Kirk have a long-lost brother we’ve yet to meet? It’s probably the former, but we can always dream.

Meanwhile, in other Corrie mishap news, Tina O’Brien – who plays Sarah Barlow – recently revealed an on-set blunder between her and her on-screen rival Lydia Chambers, played by Rebecca Ryan.

While the pair were filming a confrontation, as Lydia continues to manipulate Sarah into believing her husband Adam is having an affair, Tina admitted that she managed to hit Rebecca with a leek during filming.

“Rebecca, who plays Lydia, is so lovely and she playing is so convincingly that you do completely believe what she’s telling you,” Tina said last week on This Morning.

“She’ll probably be quite cross because there’s a scene we had to do where I had to throw a leek at her,” she continued. “I was meant to miss but my aim was so bad I hit her.”

At least it wasn’t a potato.